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    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Obama Wins!

    Ha! Not yet, but let's be honest, the data in Ohio doesn't look good(update - NBC calls Ohio for Obama, so start saying, President-elect Obama), nor does NC and VA, but perhaps McCain can pull a miracle in those states. Without Ohio, it doesn't matter, and I think that will be the end (Update, the end).

    Additionally, I expect Obama to take Colorado and perhaps Nevada.

    Republicans did their part in Georgia, though, giving the state to McCain and re-electing Saxby Chambliss. A filibuster proof (until the D's change the rule) majority now rests on the D's taking all the remaining seats. Wicker in MS is going to be a tough one for the Dems, and perhaps Norm Coleman can keep the joke of a jokester, Al Franken, at bay. I swear, a senate with Al Franken is going to be entertaining. Maybe he can replace Joe Biden as the laughingstock of the Senate (if he wins).

    So, a rotten night for the GOP, but, we deep down knew it would be that way.

    Later, an homage to Obama.


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