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    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Election Day Thoughts

    Sitting around The Varsity last night watching the Redskins get pummelled, I was in the midst of a raft of Obama voters (black men) and it was interesting hearing them talk.

    You had the old sage discussing the days when black people couldn't get loans (because of their skin color), the young Obama advertisement getting more stories out of him and making sure everyone was aware of how "caucasions" had kept them down (note to this guy - you can call us "white"), and then their court.

    I felt that, for these folks, this election is truly historic. An Obama victory also carries a high price for Obama. He is absolutely, if he wins in big numbers and carries a couple of Southern states (GA, NC, VA), he is going to owe it to black turnout. Black voters have a lot invested in Obama, a lot more even than the Kos-led left. While Obama has spent much of the general election campaign running away from the Kossacks, he hasn't done the same to the black community. Other than throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus, his populist message and redistributionist policies are right up this group's alley. I sense a huge desire and emotion pent up in this bloc to not extract revenge, but to finally get what they feel is their due from the Federal government, and that will be embodied by Obama, should he win.

    I'm not going to crown Obama the victor until I see something significant - like two of those three states going to him. If that happens, the election is his, and we will have to worry about the downticket candidates and whether Republicans can prevent a 60 seat majority in the Senate.

    If that doesn't happen, and, if Virginia remains too close to call, we may be in for a long night.

    This is a turnout election. There is definite energy on the Left. It must be matched on the right if there is any hope for McCain.

    If you care about:
    • Energy Prices staying low and energy independence
    • Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Staying on the offense in the War on Terror
    • Jobs in the energy industry - particularly in coal, gas, and nuclear
    • A strong and vibrant and committed military
    • Economic growth
    • Some measure of fiscal responsibility

    Get out and vote Republican. You won't get any of those things from Barack Obama. You'll get retread Leftist Democratic policies that haven't been successful anywhere they have been tried. You'll get a weaker, more France-like United States, and you'll end up with a smaller, lower morale military, and much greater public debt. If you like those things, Barack is your guy.


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