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    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Palin - Functioning Idiot AND Diva?

    In this report, Fox's Carl Cameron spends 5 minutes telling O'Reilly that basically Sarah Palin is an idiot who is also a prima donna. I have my doubts of the truth of these rumours, but, a few thoughts:

    1. If this is true, we are lucky this woman wasn't a heartbeat away from the button
    2. You would think some level of intelligence was required to be such a diva as she's being made out as. To hear this, she has none.
    3. What woman isn't a shopaholic?
    4. What's wrong with answering your hotel room door in a bathrobe? Not like she did it nude (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
    5. Come on, Carl, you really expect her (or anyone) to know that "American Exceptionalism" was a Wilsonian concept (maybe embodied by Wilson, but not created by him)? Now, I admit that I know what it means, but, without Wikipedia, I wouldn't know that American Exceptionalism goes back to the Revolution (and Jefferson). I was skeptical that this concept originated with Wilson. So, Carl, get YOUR facts straight.
    6. Africa isn't a country?

    My bottom line on this is until these unnamed staffers come out of the woodwork and publicly say this stuff, it's all B.S.

    You can see the video here:

    No more...

    1 comment:

    Subvet said...

    I'm taking the Palin bashing with a big heap of salt. When she got the nod for VP candidate the MSM all beat feet to Alaska to find whatever dirt they could. They came up with nada.

    If those fools couldn't find out she has the personality of a bent shitcan and the intelligence of cabbage I doubt theres any substance to the story.

    But that wouldn't stop someone with a grudge/agenda from lying like hell now, would it?