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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Mark Steyn - Brilliant! (As usual, you must read)

    You must read this post from Mark Steyn, titled, Mr. Tough Guy.

    In it, Steyn discusses the whininess that is the Obama administration, and their bringing Chicago-style politics to bear against their domestic political enemies, but not against this nation's enemies and foes.

    Steyn takes Disraeli's advice to politicians to "Never explain and never complain" and rips into the O-admin.

    You should read the entire post, but here are my highlights:

    Regarding Bam's attempts to explain his health care plan, "The more he explained the more unpopular the whole racket got. So he declared that the time for explaining is over, and it’s time to sign on or else."

    So, the Bam admin has turned its attention to complaining,

    • "If you express concerns about government health care, they complain about all these “racists” and “domestic terrorists” obstructing his agenda."
    • "If you wonder why his “green jobs” czar is a Communist 9/11 truther and his National Endowment for the Arts guy is leaning on grant recipients to produce Soviet-style propaganda extolling Obama policies, they complain about Fox News."
    • Regarding the administration's whining about Fox, "It gives off the air of somebody only marginally less paranoid than this week’s president-for-life in some basket-case banana republic ranting on the palace balcony because his interior security chief isn’t doing a fast enough job of disappearing his enemies."
    • Steyn points out, "For two years, the U.S. media have been polishing Obama’s boots, mostly with their drool, to a degree unprecedented in American public life."
    Turning his attention to "the Chicago Way," Steyn has these gems:
    • "When a man has spent his entire adult life in the 'community organized' precincts of Chicago, it should hardly be news that much of his Rolodex is made up of either loons or thugs. 
    • "So when Communications Commissar Anita 'Mao Ze' Dunn starts berating Fox News for not getting into the same Maosketeer costumes as the rest of the press corps, you begin to see why the Chairman might appeal to her as a favorite 'political philosopher.'
    • "Given the “pay czar”’s instant contract-gutting of executive compensation and the demonization of the health insurers and much else, it’s easy to look on the 44th president as an old-style Cook County operator: You wanna do business in this town, you gotta do it through me. You can take the community organizer out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the community organizer."
    As Steyn points out, "The trouble is it isn’t tough, not where toughness counts."
    • "In Moscow, it’s Putin and his gang, contemptuously mocking U.S. officials
    • "In Tehran, it’s Ahmadinejad and the mullahs openly nuclearizing as ever feebler warnings and woozier deadlines from the Great Powers come and go. 
    • "We were told that Obama would use 'soft power' and 'smart diplomacy'" but "if Obama’s 'smart diplomacy' is so smart that even Hamid Karzai ignores it with impunity, why should anyone else pay attention?"
    Finally, the money shot:

    "The Chicago way? Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight? In Iran, this administration won’t bring a knife to a nuke fight. In Eastern Europe, it won’t bring missile defense to a nuke fight. In Sudan, it won’t bring a knife to a machete fight.

    "But, if you’re doing the overnight show on WZZZ-AM, Mister Tough Guy’s got your number."

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