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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Update on Wilbon/Rush Dust-up: Wilbon says "I'm sorry"

    I posted a couple of days ago about Michael Wilbon's jumping on the anti-Rush Limbaugh Hate Train.  Also tweeted PTIShow over the weekend, when I heard the quote, and received a very unsatisfying answer.

    Regardless, on yesterday's PTI, Michael Wilbon said he spoke to Rush Limbaugh and apologized for using a quote attributed to Rush that was not spoken by Rush.  He said he wanted to speak personally to him about his bigger point.  I guess his bigger point was that black people revile Rush.  I was all over that in my previous post, so, I don't think there's much Rush can say to Mike.  Mike needs to learn something, not the other way around.

    Meanwhile, the entire media complex has been using these manufactured and unattributed quotes over the last few days to impugn Rush and hurt his chances of being in the new St. Louis Rams ownership group.

    Rush has responded in quite a bit of fiery indignation to them, and, you can read his on-air comments about this at his website.  I am glad he's firing back and daring the media, who he rightly calls out for claiming the Internet is a cesspool of lies and misinformation, at the same time using it to spread...lies and misinformation.

    At the same time, this subject has been great for page views here at Sleepyeyedwhiners, so, maybe I'l ldo a daily Rush Limbaugh racism post.

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