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    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    ShamWow! Now with improved commercials!

    Ok, watching TV last night, I saw a semi-rap version of the Sham-Wow commercial.  I was going to find that on  YouTube and post it here, but...I found this version, which is much better.

    Full Disclosure (so the FTC doesn't come after me): I was given the ShamWow as a gift, and I have this review of it:

    • It really does pick up liquids like Vince says in the commercials, especially when new
    • Use it, as we do, mainly to clean up an incontinent dog's peeing, and it'll get beat up pretty fast.  10 years? Haha! Not likely in heavy use.
    • They do come like new in the wash.  If you don't use them for gross stuff, just wash them regularly, they might last 10 years.
    • Now that you get the "ShamMop" it's an even better deal at $19.99 (plus shipping and handling).
    Anyway, onto the ShamWow Jam:

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