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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Sharp Elbows Blows Away Local Sports "Journalists"

    Sharp Elbows blog listened to his local sports radio station in St. Louis today, and he heard one of the hosts (one of whom is a reporter for the Post-Dispatch) claim that Rush Limbaugh "incites violence on a daily basis."

    Since these morons were broadcasting from a local bar, he decided to drive on down there and confront them.

    You Tube video below, but visit Sharp Elbows for the rest of his comments and the comments section.  View the video to see what happens when Liberal weasels are confronted.  Hide behind your microphone, you Liberal  putzes.


    Terrence said...

    Just so you know, Rush NEVER said the quote attributed to him about slavery. One more thing these lib whiners are completely wrong about.

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