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    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Why Capitalism Works. Just saying.

    Let me say something about why I am a free market conservative as simply as I can.

    In my world, people, acting in rational self-interest, will act in a manner that serves their interests.  Free market capitalism has shown that the group, acting in this manner (self-interest) better regulates the machinery of commerce to fulfill supply and modulate demand, than any state-run attempts ever have.  The people don't have to be geniuses.  They don't need fancy college degrees, they only need to act on their own interests.  It is a self-regulating system.  

    Oppose that with state-run systems, which require five year plans and the genius of academics, to forecast supply and demand and try to match them, in some magical way that only the smartest can do.  Everywhere it has been tried it has failed.  It can not succeed.  Yet, every generation or so, some new group of Statists come along, and thinking they are smarter than the last set, they try it again.  It doesn't work, but, it can cause a ton of pain, and be impossible to clean up. 

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