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    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Arizona - is it wrong, even if it's right?

    Jonah Goldberg posits, "Is the Arizona immigration law still wrong, even if it works?"

    Along the way, Goldberg gives us something to think about.  Why is racial profiling ok when it's used for college admissions, yet, when it may be a component of law enforcement, it is somehow wrong?  There is no doubt that the vast, vast, vast majority of illegal aliens in Arizona (and California, and New Mexico, and Texas, and even Georgia, for that matter) are Hispanic, and likely from Mexico.  Yes, they are going to be disproportionately challenged.  They are disproportionately breaking the law.

    President Obama incorrectly says a Hispanic family going to an ice cream shop could be harassed and asked for their "papers" under the law, but, even if they were (they can't under the law, as it requires some violation occur beforehand), what would be the upshot?

    Well, they would produce their identification, just as any other American would.  We'd whip out our driver's license, our military ID, our Kroger Plus card, or whatever, and we'd be on our way.  We'd complain and move on.  An annoying inconvenience.  That's all.

    Now, inasmuch as Americans hate (and our Constitution prohibits) illegal search and seizure, this will not happen under the Arizona law, or any other, since it does require a previous infraction.  To all those who want to say that this law is somehow discriminatory to Hispanics, the Reno Gazette Journal has published the entire text of the law with amendments.  I challenge you to read it and tell me what is racist or discriminatory in it.

    Those charges are false and they are leveled purely for political purposes by Liberals and opportunistic Democrats.  The Dems care only about turning illegals into Obama voters in 2012 and enslaving Hispanics, much as they have created a Dem plantation for blacks.

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