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    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Immigration Danger for Leftists: Giving Tea Partiers Something Else to Be Fired Up About

    The government-run media this weekend were all a-twitter over the large numbers of "protestors" coming out against Arizona's enforcement of existing Federal immigration laws at the state level.

    They may think this is good politics, and, in light of the alternatives for them, it probably is as good as it gets.  But, let me remind the pro-amnesty Left, the last time we saw large numbers of these kinds of protests, an immigration bill supported by George W. Bush, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and most Democrats, went down in flames.  Why, because those opposed are much more vocal, law-abiding, outnumber the amnesty crowd, and vote.  Finally, because W supported amnesty, and many senate republicans did as well, it was really the start, in my opinion, of the downfall of George W. Bush and the Republican party, leading directly to these voters disaffection with the GOP.  So, the lesson for the GOP is - amnesty is a losing proposition.  Don't go there.  Law and order is a winning proposition.  Enforcing the existing laws is a winning proposition. National security wins. 

    As for the Dems, in the current political climate, they are treading on dangerous ground here.  Everyone knows the Dems are pro-amnesty.  Everyone knows it has nothing to do with Civil Rights, it's all about political calculus.  Dems want and covet these voters.  They want to enslave Latino's just as they have blacks for 30 years.  They want to keep them down and dependent on the Liberal's endless government teat.  And that's all it is for Democrats.

    My fear this election cycle is that the Tea Partiers will lose steam and limp across the finish line, and the GOP would barely challenge for control of the House and not even challenge for the Senate.

    However, with this latest immigration brouhaha, in the afterglow of Obamacare passing, and two years removed from the shock of Porkulus and TARP and Bailouts, now those nasty racists rednecks known as Tea Partiers will latch onto something that continues to fire them up, and that will be immigration.

    Six months out of the election, and Obama continues to pursue unpopular legislation - immigration "reform" and cap and tax.  He's passed pretty much nothing but unpopular legislation. 

    What is this guy doing?

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