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    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Heather McDonald on AZ Law. And LI on Nazis...

    City Journal's Heather McDonald, unlike the New York Times, and 95% of the Liberals in this country, has actually read the Arizona immigration enforcement law.

    As she says,
    "The Arizona law is not about race; it’s not an attack on Latinos or legal immigrants. It’s about one thing and one thing only: making immigration enforcement a reality. It is time for a national debate: Do we or don’t we want to enforce the country’s immigration laws? If the answer is yes, the Arizona law is a necessary and lawful tool for doing so. If the answer is no, we should end the charade of inadequate, half-hearted enforcement, enact an amnesty now, and remove future penalties for immigration violations."
    H/T to Legal Insurrection, who provides this:
    "Illegal immigration is illegal and will be treated as illegal, and the laws setting forth that illegality will be implemented in accordance with longstanding practices for determining citizenship and immigration status based on a constitutionally acceptable "reasonable suspicion" test.

    "A law which was not extraordinary, except to the extent that it signaled an intention to take the immigration laws seriously, was met with a crescendo of accusations of racism and Nazism (with a dash of communism and Apartheidism thrown in to spice things up a bit)."
    As with all things Liberals don't like, if YOU like it, you're a Nazi.

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