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    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Praiseworthy Businesses

    For some time I have been meaning to give some deserved praise to businesses we've used recently.  So here goes a quick run down.  First the national people...
    • Lowes - after the set we bought proved to be a POS, Lowe's stepped up and let us choose any washer and dryer we wanted, at their expense.  I'll add that our local Lowes store was great to work with, too.  I know I have some family closely connected to Home Depot, and they are our local Atlanta store, but we don't shop anywhere other than Lowes.
    • Nissan - while Nissan issued a recall for 2006 and 2008 Pathfinders, they also stepped up and paid for the repair for my 2005 model for the same issue.  However, this praise is muted, since I think they'll eventually recall this model, too.  Furing my research of this issue, I found Edmunds web site very useful.  If you're having a car issue, check out their forums.  Also, the NHTSA safercar.gov site is useful, too.
    • Netflix - if you use Netflix, you know what I mean.  If not, you should try the free trials they offer.  Since brick and mortar Blockbuster will soon be kaput, better get used to getting your videos this way.  Curious those of you who use the Red Boxes, what you think of them?
    And, a few local businesses:
    • Ridgeway Mechanical - I used Service Magic to bid out the replacement of my hot water heater.  I highly recommend you use Service Magic for your jobs like this.  All 3 bids were professional and competitive, but Ridgeway had awesome ratings on kudzu.com and pledged to meet anyone else's bid.  They did and I saved. 
    • Horvath Heating and Air - We have used Horvath for years to service our air conditioning.  He's honest, on-time, and reasonably priced.  This time, we have finally decided instead of just recharging our dying a/c, to replace 2 evaporator coils.  Now, we are not completing this work til this Friday (they're very busy), so I'll withhold total judgement, but, I know I am getting a good price and someone I can contact if I have problems.
    • Unnamed contractor - As we sit today, we have another highly recommended contractor painting the exterior, replacing our gutters, repairing our porch, ripping down wallpaper, retiling and repairing a shower, repairing a ceiling, and repairing a chimney.  Since they're still working, we'll reserve judgement on them.  So far, so good, and when they're done, I'll reveal the company.
    • Wayne's Automotive - My '97 Grand Cherokee was in a fender bender that caused more damage than the car is worth, had I let a normal repair shop handle it.  But, Wayne's guys understood what I wanted done on what's basically the family work truck, and gave me an unbelievable estimate and they fixed a stuck hatch for nothing.  We've had them do work on our Pathfinder, too, and have not been dissatisfied yet.  Probably won't ever be.  Plus, they're about the friendliest people in the world. If you live in Alpharetta or Suwanee, don't take your car anywhere else, for any service.

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