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    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Random Wednesday

    Some random thoughts for the mid-week:

    • Jason Heyward is going to be amazing.  If only the Braves could build a supporting cast around him.  
    • Are Japanese pitchers all we thought they'd be?
      • Kawakami: (Despite a good start tonight) - ERA=5.79; WHIP=1.473; 0-6 record
      • Saito (made up for KK's goodness tonight with crappiness; stats don't include tonight's 3ER in .1 inning disaster)) - ERA=2.12; WHIP=.882 
      • Matsuzaka - ERA=7.89; WHIP=1.523
      • Okajima - ERA=5.27; WHIP=1.756
      • Kuroda - ERA=2.87; WHIP=1.275, 5-1 record (an exception!)
      • Takahashi - ERA=3.12; WHIP=1.385 (decent)
    • CT Senate candidate and AG Blumenthal's latest story, he told the truth about his Vietnam service before he lied about it.  Oh, and I think Ann Coulter just endorsed Rob Simmons in that one.
    • Primary night - rough for incumbents.  The only sad part: Dem pretending to be Republican retains lying, corrupt (and quite dead) Murtha seat, AND, Pat Toomey will not have the pleasure of sending Arlen Specter to political punditry.  Senator Rand Paul?  That will be priceless.
    • L.A. threatens to boycott Arizona.  Arizona threatens to turn off California's power.  Two states at war?  Where does this lead?  I side with Arizona.  Perhaps AZ can turn back the refugees from California at its border, too.
    • Proving the value of submarines, the South Koreans lay the blame for the loss of a patrol craft at the hands of a PDRK submarine.  Of course this violates the Korean Armistice terms.  Will we return to war over it?  Will the South Koreans?  As usual, the uniformed get involved (Bubblehead refers to them).
    • My mother-in-law has been informed by one of her doctors that he will no longer take Medicare patients, unless she agrees to supplement the payments.  The ink is barely dry, and we've barely had time to learn all the good things in Obamacare Nancy Pelosi promised us, yet, has the exodus of doctors from Medicare already begun?
    • American Idol has two worthy finalists.  Congrats.  Quick!  Name last season's third place contestant.
    • Russell goes up against two people with $1M already in the Survivor finale, and loses again.  Sucks to be Russell.

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    O/T: Just recently put up a post about Submarine Escape Training, 1964 New London and now. Thought you might be interested.