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    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    National Security and Obama Administration...Not so much...

    First off, Juan Williams must be tying himself up in knots defending the Obama administration and taking on the Tea Party movement.

    Beyond that, John Brennan (you may remember him, he's the incompetent behind the Bam admin's anti-terror strategy) was on FNS this morning, and, his mere presence reminds why this administration is dangerous when it comes to prosecuting the War on Terror (oops!).

    1. Brennan seems to think that it's ok that the administration has failed 4 times to stop domestic terror attacks in just the last year (Arkansas shooting, Fort Hood, Christmas Day, Times Square).  While I agree as a practical matter it is nearly impossible to stop all these efforts, but, that should not be stated so clearly by those in charge.
    2. He doesn't think Christmas Day and Times Square were lucky breaks for us.
    3. He still seems to think reading people Miranda rights is more important than capturing information
    4. He defends the Obama administration's propensity to attribute these attacks to nutcases, acting "alone," despite all evidence eventually being to the contrary. In fact, this morning on This Week,  the administration has admitted the link of the Times Square bomber to Pakistani Taliban.
    5. He defends the AG's refusal to say KSM will not be tried in NYC.

    We have been lucky in a couple of these cases.  Relying on the incompetence of the terrorists is not (as Lynn Cheney says) an effective counter-terrorism strategy.  We need this administration to man up and be serious about the threat that faces this nation.

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