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    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    More on Arizona. Read Aloha Dump's post.

    I love Aloha Dump. He has a great post on the Arizona law.  Read it.

    Money shot:
    "Obama has stopped kissing the asses of our enemies and begging them to friend him on his Facebook page to weigh in on the AZ immigration law; his teleprompter minions are checking on the legality of such a law. People are calling for boycotts to AZ tourism, the Diamondbacks and products and services from AZ based companies [and I will add, New York made Arizona brand Iced Tea]. Futile, irrelevant and symbolism-over-substance gestures that will have no affect on anything except the warped conscience of the Americans who have lost sight of their fellow countrymen who are desperately trying to live their own American dream without the fear of losing it to people who enter this country illegally."

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