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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Advance voting in Georgia

    Like many states, Georgia offers advance voting and early voting. While the early voting period has passed, today marks the advance voting period (this week).

    Based on the line I am in, I'd call the demo pretty standard fare for this area. And, it's the first hour of the first day, so I am guessing this is the high water point.

    So, we probably can't save McCain, but maybe that apostate, Saxby Chambliss, can be saved from his incompetent opponent.


    Unable to advance vote this morning. At 0930 (an hour after voting was supposed to start), poll workers informed those waiting in line that someone had failed to deliver "the key" they needed to get the voting machines rolling. So, I stuck it out another 30 minutes, and when I crammed into the library polling place and saw the line inside, figured another 2 hours, at least.

    Is this a form of voter suppression against the mostly affluent suburban white voters at this polling place? I don't know, but given who runs Fulton County, I would not be surprised if it was an orchestrated effort.

    We were told the polls will stay open until 8 tonight. I'll try after work and let you know.


    1 comment:

    Jennifer and Santosh said...

    Wondering how it went tonight. You may want to videotape your experience or interview others. I'm sure it would be of interest to many if this is really a disaster. I know you can't videotape inside the polling place but you can document your story and that of others if you are outside.
    Hope it went OK. I have to vote in DeKalb Cty tomorrow and I'm a bit concerned about the wait.