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    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Obama Nation

    Want to know how bad it's going to be if Obama is elected (and, I'm not talking Black Helicopter stuff here), then you need to read today's lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal.

    If we hand the White House to Barack Obama and 60 Democrat Senators to Harry Reid, we are going to see a massive expansion in the Welfare State, increased government regulation (it won't stop with the financial industry - telecom, the Internet, pharmaceuticals are next on their list), government-run health care, an the end of conservative talk radio by reimposing the Fairness doctrine, and the loss of two wars.

    This election will have far reaching consequences. Regardless of how you feel about John McCain, unless you want to live in a socialistic, European-style, welfare state, if you have an opportunity to vote for a Republican senator (regardless of whether he was part of a gang), do so. They may be the only people standing between us and the decline of our unique American way of life.



    reddog said...

    No one will ever put an end to conservative talk radio. That's four wars, if you please. (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan)

    Ya know, in France, everybody gets 60 days paid vacation, lounging around on the beach with topless babes, plus a shitload of holidays, works a 32 hour week, free healthcare and a worry free retirement. They wear little berets, striped jerseys, espadrilles with no socks, sip little demitasses in outdoor cafes all day. That is so cool. In some of the other countries, it's even better.

    Jay said...

    Red, that's what I call good comedy!

    I didn't realize we were at war with Iran or Pakistan (yet). I suppose once Obama is inaugurated, he's already said that he'd go to war with Pakistan (3) and perhaps Iran is the "test" Biden was speaking of.

    As for talk radio, they may not be able to actually kill it, but they will try. Of course, it will just go to satellite, saving it, and then they'll try to regulate that, too.