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    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Welcome Dear Leader Obama

    Reading the comments over at the Corner (on National Review Online) tonight, there are some that echo my thoughts. I'm with Andy McCarthy on this one. If some 527 doesn't come along and save the McCain campaign, we're looking at a loss like 1996. The arguments against Obama are that he is a complete unknown, and what we DO know about him, isn't good, to wit:
    1. His associations and friendships with people like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and ACORN have to call into question not just his judgement and integrity in his explanations, but, does he share these people's views?
    2. He has never voted against a tax increase
    3. His health care plan would likely force private insurers out of the market and end up with a government single payer system
    4. He has yet to reach across the aisle to work with GOP senators on any significant legislation
    5. He believes our troops were "air raiding villages" in Afghanistan
    6. He is part of the Fannie Mae problem
    Although tonight's debate was civil and real people got to pose questions, since a lib (Tom Brokaw) got to filter the questions, all we got was the same old stuff. Nothing terribly interesting, and no McCain going off on Obama for being a terrorist-loving socialist.

    So, I think we're pretty much looking at an Obama victory and all us conservatives are wishing we had a Romney/Palin ticket instead of McCain. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, I love what he did for our country, and I think he'd be a great president, and a rock in a time of economic disasters and war.

    Instead, we're going to get a neophyte, potentially radical, certainly leftist, potentially crooked Obama as president.

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