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    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    Others are with me

    This letter writer to National Review sums up the elections season for me.

    I'm almost spent gang. McCain can't make the sale, and it's a down year for Republicans anyway. The public hates Bush, and they're going to get what they want, someone as far removed from Republican/Conservative politics as possible.

    We all know how potentially disastrous for the country that could be. We also know and can see how McCain feels the same way. He can't bring himself, for whatever reasons, to hammer it home.

    Like the letter writer, I think Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney could and would; and would be happy to do so. I will continue to hammer Obama and leftists on this blog, up to and past the election, at least until they enact the Fairness Doctrine, and use it to not just stamp out free talk radio (hopefully it'll move to satellite and make that industry profitable), but opposition on the Internet.

    Then, I guess we'll all go underground.

    But, I exagerate (I hope).

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