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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Newspapers are dying

    The latest circulation numbers for major daily papers are in, and I am happy to see that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has lost the most (by percentage) subscribers of the top 25 major dailies. We can hope that soon, Cynthia Tucker will be able to sample Barack Obama's welfare programs!

    Only the Wall Street Journal (that right-wing bastion of capitalism) and USA Today (the hated McPaper) saw increases in circulation, though so slight as to be nearly unmeasurable (0.01% increases).



    bothenook said...

    with all the b.s. accompanying the papers today, i don't see how they can change it either. with the sad demise of Opus this sunday, there won't be a whole lot of reason to pick up that scurrilous rag the SF Chronicle any more.
    to see one of the reasons, read this article. interesting. but not new. the right blogosphere has been writing about this for the last couple of years.

    Jay said...

    Bo, yes, saw the article, absolute truth. I've posted on media bias and the death of print media (newspapers and magazines) before. Interestingly, mutilple sources, even at the expanding newspapers, tell me ad revenue is way down.

    Even USA Today and the WSJ are in big trouble as ad revenue declines. That's the real problem for these rags, but declining circulation numbers such as these only are going to accelerate their demise.