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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Voting and the Obamamercial

    Ok, so I got to the advance voting site at 6pm and was out by 7:30. No too shabby and a vast improvement from Monday.

    As for the Obamamercial, which is airing now - this is so boring, and Obama's narration so sleep-inducing, that it is unwatchable. His resume is so thin, getting 30 minutes out of this is tough. I think this hurts him more than it helps. But, I expect he wants to spend every penny he's raised, both legal and illegal.

    As I was standing in line to vote, the library had an exhibit on Anne Frank, and that also detailed the rise of Nazism. Seeing that, it is interesting the parallel between the cult of personality that is Obama and was Hitler, with the Hitler Youth, the personal flags, the economic populism and blame game. How long til CEO's and their minions (their management teams) are driven off to whatever the modern day equivalent of concentration camps are.....

    Anyway, that's designed to scare you. I don't really think that's possible in Amerikkka.


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    reddog said...

    I've never had to wait an hour and a half to vote, even early morning or evening. Precincts must be smaller here.

    It isn't even election day yet. Georgia will have a big turnout.