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    Friday, October 3, 2008

    How to tell you have the left by the tail...

    "Jimmy" recently posted this comment in response to my post titled "If Joe Biden speaks, does anyone listen."

    "'The left wing media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MCNBC)' meaning every media source besides FOX? If an angry conservative blogger rants, does anyone read? Besides a sleep deprive[d] (sic) teenager who should be doing his homework. It's ok, maybe if you make enough outrageous statements, you too can be a real political pundit. Also your banner should just be you're, not your/you're. Come on, bloggers need some sense of creditability."

    Comments like these, where the host is described as angry, accused of making outrageous statements (many of them outrageously true), and a gratuitous stab is taken at my disdain for those that misuse your/you're, are indications that something has hit a nerve.

    Jimmy - I hope your ***** feels better now that you've had some time to relax!

    1 comment:

    Jackie said...

    B/T/W, what is creditability in this context? I believe Jimmy meant credibility but perhaps he was making a disparaging reference to your creditworthiness???