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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Idol - 7 remain, who will go home next

    Because the producers and Ryan suck at time management, we only get to hear from 2 judges at a time. Come on, they sing 2 minute songs, so 14 minutes of performance, 16 of commercials, with the other 28 minutes, we can't get more judge time? We ALL await Simon's comments.
    1. Allison - Aerosmith, I Don't Wanna Miss You - I thought it was not that great, but I love her anyway. Simon - "You're the girl's only hope." He's right.
    2. Anoop - Bryan Adams, Everything I Do - Tough one for me to like, because I HATE Bryan Adams. So, he was good, but, yech, borrrrring song. Judges (Randy, Kara) like.
    3. Adam - Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild - sounds like it would if it were in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Paula's going crazy in her dog collar. Simon, explain what she means, please. (I wrote that about Rocky Horror BEFORE Simon said it)
    4. Matt G - Bryan Adams, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman - Again, I don't need to express my hatred for Bryan Adams. Matt was - just alright. He could probably do this song justice in 4 minutes, vice 2. Randy - interesting, but, I think Randy for the first time blamed "pitch." Finally, Randy and pitch!
    5. Danny - Lionel Ritchie, Endless Love - okay, they are choosing some songs I detest. This is one of them. But, I like his version, and, I think it was better, more interesting than Adam's, and less manic, for sure. Paula - incomprehensible, as always. Simon - who cares, he's disappointed that it was so "traditional."
    6. Kris Allen - Falling Slowly - I don't know. I really don't. It was pretty. Randy - not into it, but he's on the "pitch" train. Kara - loved it, as did Paula.
    7. Lil - Bette Midler, The Rose - I hate this song, too. And, I hate this arrangement. And, I really have lost my initial love for Lil. Paula - huh? Simon - hated it, not enough goodness from her. She needs to join Mandisa on the Gospel circuit.
    Even with the 2 judge rule, they managed to go 2 minutes too long.

    Good tonight:
    1. Danny
    2. Adam
    3. Anoop
    4. Allison
    Rotten tonight:
    1. Lil
    Everyone else just average.

    Going home: Lil
    Bottom 3: Anoop (just doesn't have enough fans), and Matt G, and Lil

    Dialidol (at 9:30) is showing Lil safe. But, we'll see in the morning.


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