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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Idol Results

    Dialidol.com was way off last night, wrongly predicting Lil in 2nd, and Kris in last, and missed Anoop in the bottom 3. However, I had them right, but, I predicted Lil would get booted, and instead, Matt G did. The judges decided to save him.

    The use of the save could prove problematic, especially with disco week coming up.

    My fear is that Allison, who is the only person who could crack the Danny/Adam duo, could falter during next week's performance, and she is really the only person they needed the save for. But, since these are the last 2 weeks they could have used it, perhaps with confidence that Allison has built some fan base, they felt comfortable using it. The odds-on favorites to get kicked out next week will be 2 of Lil, Matt G, or Anoop. So, we will see...

    Was anyone surprised by tonight's bottom three?


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