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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Idolatry: The Final 4 Awaits

    Tonight, the remaining 5 contestants will wow us with their musical prowess. Tomorrow, Fox will NOT air Obambi, so you can count on Idol starting on time!

    Tonight, the Rat Pack. With guest coach...Frank Sinatra...NOT!

    He's dead, so it will be Vincent Pastore...NOT!

    Jamie Foxx will be the guest mentor.
    1. Kris Allen will go first, with "The Way You Look Tonight" - I thought it was a little boring, and too much copycat to me. A teensy Chris Isaak at the end. Randy liked it, thought it was great, and I agree the vocals were very good. Kara likes. Paula wants to jump his bones. Simon says good, "quite nice" not "incredible."
    2. Allison again gets shafted with her placement second. Will this happen to Adam? "Someone to Watch Over Me." She can acually sing, and it would be a nice change from the rock songs on an album. I don't know if it distinguishes her in this group. Randy likes, Kara likes. Kara's not nervous, but, I am. Paula likes, too. Simon doesn't see her winning.
    3. Matt G sings "My Funny Valentine." He gets to wear the hat to hide The Mole. Well, I liked it. The guy has the ability to hit some notes. Randy has not been able to say "pitchy" very much this year, so, he got it. Kara didn't feel the emotion, Matt clearly disagrees. Paula loves The Mole. Simon is going to agree with Paula, felt it was authentic. "Brilliant."
    4. Danny is going next, so, SHOCK! Adam goes last. "Come Rain or Come Shine" I'm not familiar with the song, but, I thought he brought it home at the end. Randy can see Danny doing an album of these things. Kara loves the swagger. Paula loves (does she hate anything?). Simon loves the swagger, too. Simon wants to say, you came out to get Adam tonight.
    5. Adam Lambert we will watch with the rest of America as he does "Feeling Good." Hmmm. He's over the top and he pulls it off. Judges tell us so.
    So, tonight they were all good. Only Matt wasn't very good, and even he was good. Will Kris be hurt by the number 1 slot? Will Allison pick up any Lil votes? Time will tell.

    Is Matt toast?

    I think so.

    Is there any stopping the Adam/Danny train?

    What do you think?????


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