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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Tea Parties, what do they all mean?

    Today, hundreds of cities held Tea Parties to protest the massive spending increases championed by Liberals and to protest high taxes, which promise to get worse to pay for at least some of the spending.

    Nearly simultaneously, the Department of Homeland Security is labeling anyone who opposes the government from the right as "Rightwing extremists," CNN's Susan Roper badgers Tea Party attendees and pretty much acts as a shill of the Obama administration,

    and Anderson Cooper (appropriately) informs that teabagging usually makes it difficult to speak.

    What are we to make of all this?

    1. I have seen no reports of vandalism, looting, or rioting. Clearly these people are not professional protesters.
    2. Fiscal responsibility is back in vogue. Maybe Republicans will take up the mantle, and, maybe they'll rediscover some other conservative principles to stand on.
    3. CNN really, really, really hates Fox.
    4. The people are smarter than the pundits give them credit for being. They recognize that to fund everything this administration wants to do, is going to require higher taxes on more than just the top 5%.

    I was pleased and gratified to see so many people pissed off about the uncontrolled orgy of spending that is going on. Maybe this will translate into real change in Washington.


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