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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Idol Final 8: End the competition now

    Tonight, although the morons that produce Idol couldn't get the trains to run on time, I was smart enough to program the DVR ahead 8 minutes and got to watch one of the best Idol performances ever.

    Like last year, when the Idol champ was revealed when David Cook did "Billie Jean," Adam Lambert's version of "Mad World" will be the number one download on iTunes tomorrow, and pretty much nails it as his competition to lose.

    Here's the run down on the rest, in order after Adam, who is light-years ahead of the rest of these:
    1. Danny Gokey - nicely done version of "Stand By Me"
    2. Allison Iraheta - my second favorite, doing Bonnie Raitt
    3. Anoop Desai - "True Colors" - another great song choice and well done
    4. Matt Giraud - Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" - well done, by suffers by going so late in the show and just before Adam. That might hurt him.
    The others SUCKED by comparison, in order of suckiness:
    1. Kris Allen - Don Henley's "All She Wants to do is Dance." wierd choice, and you'd have thought he would have learned NOT to go into the crowd after Matt's disaster last week.
    2. Lil Rounds - Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to do With It?" Simon was right, a 3rd rate imitation, and without the voice or legs to pull it off.
    3. Scott MacIntyre - I don't even remember, other than it was a fairly obscure mid 80's song, and his guitar playing seemed wierd. And, he is wierd and can't sing.
    Who's gone - Scott.

    , in very early voting says Kris Allen is gone. We'll update after 11pm, when East Coast voting closes.

    I was hoping Adam would sing "Tainted Love" tonight, but, his choice was brilliant and he pulled it off. Maybe he'll still do Bronski Beat sometime (on Gay night), which would just make him an idol for many.


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