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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Exciting McCain Stuff Tonight

    Drudge is reporting some pretty exciting stuff in the McCain campaign that is going to happen tonight as the Obamamessiah delivers his acceptance speech. It is said he will directly address Obama. Drudge is also threatening to leak the McCain VP announcement around 6PM.

    There's much speculation, but here are my ideas:
    • He will challenge Obama directly to a series of joint town hall meetings to begin immediately after the GOP convention.
    • He will choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate (who will switch to be pro-life), and he will challenge Obama to similarly show he is willing to risk his base by pledging to work in a truly bipartisan basis to tackle some of the pressing problems of our generation, particularly tackling health care and entitlement reform.
    • We will make some reference to the success of the surge and Obama's continued denial of its success.
    • He will bring up Obama's refusal to accept federal matching dollars for the campaign
    I am going to have to say that I am pleased with the way McCain's camp has run the campaign the last couple weeks. As an underdog, McCain has run a kind of guerilla campaign that I have never witnessed. Maybe because I watch Fox, I see the McCain ads every night, and we hear about him every night, but this year, it seems the McCain camp has been really pushing cloudying the message coming out of the DNC. Of course, it helps that the DNC has no message, and that no one is watching it anyway.

    Let me also say something about Lieberman. He is the only pro-choice VP choice that I can live with for McCain. I personally love Lieberman, and I think his pro-choice stance is a necessity that he was forced to adopt when he decided to be a Dem. I wouldn't be surprised, if selected, to hear him actually come out and say that and that personall he is opposed to abortion and he can get behind policies and support judges who will overturn Roe.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing to see the Presidential candidate and the VP candidate actually speaking their minds and being honest, rather than pulling the wool over our eyes as the Dems are going to try to do.

    Hey Romney evolved on abortion, how about Joe going back to his roots?

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