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    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Why we need to create real requirements for voting

    With the political season about to enter its final, full swing, it's time I started laying out my case against Barack Obama.

    Today's entry was prompted by something I heard on Sean Hannity's radio show during his "man on the street" session this past Thursday. During it, Sean interviews people on the streets of New York, and you get a real feel for just why we really need poll taxes, or a competency test to allow people to vote. Honestly, I, and likely anyone who encounters this post, spend quite a bit of time staying informed on issues, and have formed opinions of my own, based on my personal political philosophy. I really don't like my vote being canceled out by idiots.

    I am frustrated at some people who are supporting Obama, and are willing to vote for a man and a party, who openly are trying to hurt them. If you believe we all vote in our own self-interest, you have to wonder what these people are smoking, or if they are just willing dupes....

    In the recent segment, Hannity spoke to a reasonably intelligent sounding 22 year old recent graduate who, when pressed, stated as her reason for voting for Obama, that he is going to "end this war" and bring our troops home immediately. Clearly, by "this war" she was referring to Iraq, where she has undoubtably heard some of the constant drumbeat by the Obamedia the last three years that it is not going well, and is, of course, all about oil, and Bush's cronies in the oil business. She may, in fact, even know people who are there. But, does she know that it is but one front on the war on terror, and that it is being won, in large part due to a strategy championed by the Obamessiah's opponent, John McCain? A strategy that coupled with recent strides taken by the Iraqis themselves, will lead to the return of most of our troops, and a functioning democracy in the Middle East.

    Now, let's face it, anyone who has listened to Obama lately, or has a dint of sense about how we are going to get out of Iraq, knows that the troops are not coming home immediately. Even Obama has only spoken of a 16 month timetable, in between his flopping around and leaving wiggle room for "conditions on the ground." Plus, he would be a certain one term president if he precipitously brought the troops home and Iraq became a royal mess, and required him, Obama, to resend troops back there.

    Plus, this particular person, and, I believe, most of the 18-25 year olds who want their friends home, don't care whether their friends are in Iraq or Afghanistan or Sudan or South Korea. They only care that they are overseas, fighting a war, risking their lives, and they won't be happy when Obama commits some of those troops currently in Iraq, to Afghanistan, where Obama has agreed that we need to increase troop levels to bring order back to that particular front on the war on terror.

    If these people actually thought about this issue, they would understand that we must win both these battles, and that it will continue to cost precious national treasure. They would also understand that we are now winning in Iraq, that we are on the path to turn the country over to the Iraqis, but that we have more work to do in Afghanistan, and that conflict is going to be bloody for a while, before we're able to leave there as well.

    Not even the Obamessiah, backed by the Obamedia, is going to be able to pull the wool over their eyes on that.


    reddog said...

    Raise the voting age to 35. Require a net worth of 1.5 MIL. That should do it.

    Jay said...


    I have to admit, I like the edge of your writing, even if I am going to disagree with a lot of it.

    As for your idea here, you're on a track that will secure Obama's election, which is what I am trying to avoid.

    I was thinking something more akin to a high school education and the ability to pass a simple current events quiz. I'm not asking for great prescience, I'm just looking for people who care enough to actually learn a little.