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    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Submarine tech gets into everyday life

    Remember the space program? Yes, it provided all sorts of great spin-off technologies, teflon, velcro, satellites for everything, increased computing power, etc.

    Now, the submarine world can add something of value. A chair that uses technology from reloading torpedoes. When you look at this chair, you'll ask, "Why?"

    But, nice to see we can reuse some of the stuff that goes into our boats in commercial applications.

    Does anyone know of any other developed for submarine technologies that have made their way into everyday use?

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    Subvet said...

    Unfortunately I DO know of items purported to have been developed from submarine technology.

    The first is the watersaver for my shower, it was bought in HomeDepot and the package claimed it was identical to what was used on submarines. Truth in advertising counts, it looks the same as what we had on the boats.

    The second was an air purification system that they were advertising some time ago down here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The claim was made that it had been developed from the systems used to clean the air aboard nuclear powered submarines. Dunno if that one was true as I never bothered looking into buying one.