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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Pawlenty on Meet the Press

    I haven't watched MTP in a while, since Russert died. It's amazing how partisan and left-wing Tom Brokaw is.

    Fortunately, today, I am seeing Tim Pawlenty (Republican governor of Minnesota) also for the first time, who is giving it to Brokaw on his questions passed to him this morning by the DNC.

    I would swear that Pawlenty has been reading this blog, since he's giving my answers. I also find Brokaw to be very defensive himself. Pawlenty gave a great defense of he Palin choice, and went on the offensive comparing her to Barack Obama, and pointing out it's the top of the Democratic ticket that has absolutely ZERO foreign policy experience, and began running for President on day one when he entered the Senate. Brokaw also brought up some stupid Liberal talking points (must've also been on the morning Moveon fax) about Intelligent Designand Palin's views on it. I thought Pawlenty gave a reasonable defense and passed his own view that he believes ID. If the Dems think they're going to woo white, suburban women by disparaging their religious views, then I guess they all share Barack's views about those who cling to their religion and guns.

    Brokaw - please, the Economist is an anti-conservative magazine. Don't try to sell it as some kind of right-wing oracle.

    All in all, Pawlenty would have been a good choice as well, and he basically ate Brokaw's lunch.


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