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    Saturday, August 30, 2008


    In my previous post about the McCain "surprise," I was a whopping 0 for 4 in my predictions. However, happily so.

    Learn a little more about Palin here (h/t: Big Sis).

    The Obama camp was quick out of the gate to blast Palin for her inexperience in foreign affairs. Well, Obamaniacs, Palin isn't being chosen for her expertise in foreign policy (unlike Joe Biden). I think John McCain has plenty of experience here, and has plenty of successful things to talk about in his foreign policy views. Plus, every time the Obama camp tries to emphasize Palin's relative inexperience (in foreign policy to Biden/McCain), they are going to be emphasizing also their own standard bearer's lightness of being here, and that's something they don't want to do.

    Anyway, what has Palin got over Obama/Biden in spades:
    1. She has executive experience and is the only candidate among the four who has this (though, I believe McCain's military command as a Captain is pretty good executive experience, too, and more than either Obama or Biden has)
    2. She has actually fought for reform, and against her own party, something she shares with McCain, and for which there is absolutely no analog among Obama or Biden.
    3. Did I mention she's a woman?


    blunoz said...

    Jay, Sorry I've been lurking and you haven't been getting any comments. I have enjoyed reading what you've been writing and agree with most of it, and I haven't felt anything earth-shattering to add. Keep up the good work though.

    Subvet said...

    As for the experience in foreign policy, doesn't the governor of Alaska routinely deal with their neighbor to the south (Canada), the one to the west (Russia) and the Japanese (in the area of fishing rights which is a major Alaskan industry)?

    For a Vice Presidential candidate that would be a lot more experience than a recent ex-governor of Arkansas had when he ran for President.

    Jay said...

    I was surprised when Obama didn't pick a governor. He obviously felt he needed to seriously beef up his foreign policy side by picking Biden, a man who Democrats think is the greatest foreign policy thinker in the land (just ask him!).

    He had the perfect choice in Bill Richardson, who would have brought foreign policy expertise (and not the inflated ego that Biden brings) and executive leadership, and is Hispanic. I think we all ought to think about what that says about Obama.

    As for Palin's foreign policy experience, sure, she should have some experience from dealing with her neighboring countries, and that is valuable, but, it's largely immaterial, as the top of the ticket sets the foreign policy agenda, therefore, comparisons should be between Obama and McCain.

    As for the Obama campaign's initial attack on Palin as the mayor of a "small" town, it once again shows Obama's hubris towards small town America, and is reminiscent of his statements about guns, bibles, and clinginess. It also is interesting to me that they chose to attack her for her mayorship. Hey, Obama, she is currently governor of Alaska, not a mayor! How about we go back and attack you for being only a Constitutional law professor?

    But, come on Obamaniacs, has Barack ever led anything analagous to even a "small" town? How many people worked for him as a community organizer? What did he do when he was a Constitutional Law Professor - how did that experience help him? What was the size of his staff when he was a Senator in Illinois? In the US Senate? Barack has no executive experience, and no foreign policy experience. Let's face it, he is an empty suit who can read speeches off a teleprompter. Does he even write his own speeches? Edit them? I'd like to know who the man behind the curtain in Obamaland is?

    Let us note that the only qualification requirements for President or VP is to be 35 years old and a natural born US Citizen.

    The voters decide whether particular candidates meet their requirements every 4 years.