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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Michelle, ma belle...

    Tonight, Michelle Obama will introduce the world (ok, America, since the world has already had its introduction) to Barack Obama. Swell.

    And, no, I have no intention of listening to the speech (unless I can catch it on my ipod while I work out!), I'll just let the media (well, Fox) tell me what gaffes she says.

    I previously posted about Michelle's being open to scrutiny, and how Barack's desire to have everyone "lay off" his wife, needs to be ignored, since she is being made a centerpiece of his campaign. We've all by now heard her thoughts about pride in her country and hopefully, tonight, will represent another episode of "real" pride.

    I wonder how much Michelle's lack of pride in America is driven by the fact that, apparently, Barack and a white girlfriend were very much in love long ago (Dreams from My Father), but he could not find his way to marry her because she was white?

    It might be interesting.

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