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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    McCain Camp Reads this blog, evidence herein

    Sunday, I gave the McCain campaign advice on how to deal with the "homes" issue.

    Last night, they took my advice.

    Also last night, did anyone notice Barack Obama, who doesn't know how many states there are (57?) also didn't know whether he was in Kansas City or St. Louis? But, hey, it's a long campaign, we're prone to mistakes.

    Can we afford these mistakes in the White House?

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    blunoz said...

    Here I was all excited that the Olympics were over and they weren't going to keep me glued to my chair until late into the evening... Then I found out McCain was going to be on Jay Leno. As I watched it though, I was thinking of your blog post and saying to myself, "Self, hallelujah, he took Jay's advice!"