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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    American Idol, Final 12 - UPDATED!

    Tonight's final 12 is the easiest to choose the boy and girl.

    Lil Rounds was far and away the best tonight, and Scott McIntyre is going to sail through from the guys.

    3rd is much harder to figure out. In early dialidol.com voting, Jorge Nunez is narrowly ahead of Felicia Barton, but, I don't think Felicia has the legs to survive the West Coast feed. Ju'Not Joyner is a close 3rd to Jorge as I write this, and they both lead Felicia, so, I'd say we're looking at 2 guys again. Which will mean, 6 guys, 3 girls chosen by America. Will the judges, in their final choices, balance it to 6/6 by just choosing girls?

    We think not here at the AI braintrust, since we think Anoop is a dead-lock cinch for the final 12. We also think Megan Corkrey is pretty much a lock, too. So, that is going to leave only 1 slot from the rest.

    We'll see tomorrow who the judges have to choose from for their picks, and Thursday, we'll get a special Idol to see those final performances and their picks.

    Ok, in an update - my prediction for the final 3:
    Danny Gokey
    Lil Rounds
    Scott McIntyre


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