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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Idol Tonight, the top 13 perform

    Well, I have to admit, for an opening night, it was pretty good. Usually, you can count on about 1/2 the performances, uhhhh, sucking.

    Tonight, though, the contestants were all quite good, and the producers promise us some kind of twist in tomorrow night's show, in addition to seeing 2 contestants disappear. Poof!

    Tonight was Michael Jackson night, so let's go through who is safe:
    1. Danny Gokey - great, as expected
    2. Lil Rounds - also great
    3. Adam Lambert - i liked the performance, I hate him
    4. Alexis Grace (with the pimp spot) - solid, and a popular choice
    5. Michael Sarver - also solid, and popular
    6. Anoop Desai - crap performance (tell it, Simon!), but he's popular
    7. Scott McIntyre - boring, but he's also popular

    Who is in danger?
    1. Jasmine Murray - just lost in the crowd
    2. Jorge Nunez - awful
    The rest were so-so, but I think they'll survive. I will admit, I peeked at dialidol.com, and after East Coast voting, there is a suprising 12th place, and that's Allison Iraheta, who I really like as the rocker chick. But, that appeal has never carried any girl very far, and she doesn't have the looks of previous rockers, but she does have the voice.

    Maybe the West will be kinder to Allison. Also in danger on dialidol, is Kris Allen. But, I will remind, that in his week of 12, dial idol underestimated his vote totals. It also underestimated Jorge, so, perhaps Allison and Jasmine should be really worried.

    Ok, I wish Megan didn't have the big Carly tattoo. She'd be really hot, like her mom. I also wish she could sing and dance, so votefortheworst.com has adopted her. Can they save her? I hope so, because I believe, like them, that she has the potential to be a huge train wreck!

    What's the twist for tomorrow? Some think the judges may be picking the losers. I think the lowest vote getter is going home, then the judges are going to pick from the next two. I hope that is the case, because I think Jorge is going to finish last. That may save Allison, as the judges would have to off their Hollywood fave, Jasmine, who has yet to show me anything in live performances.


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