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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Idol Final 11

    Last night, the final 11 performed.
    We thought the best were:
    1. Danny Gokey
    2. Anoop Desai
    3. Matt Giraud
    4. Allison Iraheta
    5. Kris Allen

    We agreed that Megan Joy Corkrey was not that good. Can't she just go already!!!!


    There were mixed reviews in our viewing about Adam Lambert.  The teenager hated him.  I warned that messing with "Ring of Fire" was a big risk.   However, having come of age in the '80's, if you're going to change Johnny Cash, do it big, and go with the Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Soft Cell feel.  I can't wait until Adam Lambert sings a Bronski Beat song.  "Smalltown Boy" will do.


    Note to Lil Rounds - you're no Carrie Underwood or Martina McBride, and you shouldn't have tried.  Also, in the telling the story side of the song, you used the wrong verse.  As for Scott McIntyre, we're in agreement that he's a nice guy, but after Megan goes, please leave, also.


    The rest were boring.  Alexis Grace got the pimp spot, and really didn't leave us with anything great.  Very forgettable.  Michael Sarver was good, but saddled with the 2 spot, so forgotten after the 2 hour marathon.


    Dialidol.com has bad news for a couple of our favorites tonight, putting Allison and Alexis in the 10th and 11th spots..  I think the judges like both of them, but, would they use that precious "save" on one of them?  Rocker babes have had a tough time on Idol, and that works against Allison.   I don't think they'll use a "save." because she will just leave the next week, anyway.


    Alexis?  I dunno, I liked her, but she's starting to grate on me. They both are getting a lot of votes measured through dialidol, but no busy signals.  Alexis has been on top in the past, so, perhaps last night was just not a great night for her, and she could have a save used on her.  I doubt it, though, because I think it would only get used on Adam, Danny, or Lil.


    What do you think?




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