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    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    The Top 12 finalized. Oops, 13

    Tonight on Idol we're live blogging via DVR. We're about 20 minutes behind, so you may know the results before we do.

    My prediction, Anoop Desai (unless he sucks) and 2 girls, making it 7/5 boys/girls in the final 12.

    Through Von Smith so far, and he's definitely out.
    • Matt Giraud - an outside chance now
    • Jesse Langseth - they like her
    • Judges loved Megan Corkrey, she's in.
    • Von Smith - no.
    • Jasmine Murray - my impression is they want her in, and they mostly tried to praise her. Based on Simon's comments, she's in.
    • Ricky Braddy - dangerous song choice with Superstition. Girls loved him. Simon is throwing water on it. As does Randy.
    • Tatiana - Please. I wish she was just gone. I don't love you, Tatiana. Please fall on your face singing Whitney. Just shut up. I think at least a couple of them are waiting to say they don't like her. Simon gives much grief for singing the song again. He hates that, too. So does Randy and Kara. It's a no.
    • Anoop - My Perogative - Personally, I like the song, I don't think he did as much with it as he ciuld have, but he's very popular with the crowd, and should be in top 12. Simon says some gibberish about people liking him. They want him.
    Now the picks -
    • Jasmine - Yes, they really like her.
    • Ricky - no
    • Megan - yes, they really like her, too.
    • Tatiana - no
    • Our DVR stopped as the show ran late (thank you drama queen Tatiana).
    • Anyway, checking Ricky.org, we see that Jesse Langseth did not make it, but Matt Giraud, and Anoop Desai did!
    Go Anoop!!


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