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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Idol, Top 9 Perform

    Tonight on American Idol, it's Itunes week. Here goes the semi-live blog:
    1. Anoop - Caught Up, Usher. Anoop says he wants to do "high energy." I thought it was highly boring. Simon thought it was a "mess." Simon is right.
    2. Megan - Bob Marley/Lauren Hill, Turn Your Lights Down Low. A prediction (I haven't heard it yet) - crap. Let's see...How has she managed to make it this far again? Being the only blonde and vote for the worst's favorite("She's going for the stoner vote and the Worster vote"). She sucks.
    3. Danny G - What Hurts the Most, Rascall Flatts - Not that good. This is kind of a signature Rascall Flatts song, and it's very uneven. He's going to get slammed for "pitchiness" by Randy or Kara. Just wait and see. Hmmmmm, I think Paula wants to sleep with Danny (he's a widower, did you know that?). Simon is going to like it - says it's his "best performance" so far. Randy - "tonight's show starts here." Kara - "you moved everyone." These guys are so pimping Danny. I like the guy alot, but, puuuuhhhhlease.
    4. Alison Iraheta - Don't Speak, No Doubt - she didn't sound good in practice...this should be a good choice for her, though. WTF. I just don't get it. I wonder if it was better live? Randy comments on the outfit. Kara comments on the outfit. Paula - liked it. Simon will speak truth to Allison.
    5. Scott MacIntyre - Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel - Another one I'd like to be rid of. Ok, I think it sounded like a Vegas lounge act. So, he has a career in Vegas. Kara, of course, liked it. Paula, ditto. Simon - another "best performance." Randy - "one of the best of the night."
    6. Matt G - You Found Me, The Fray - I was underwhelmed, and I like Matt G. Paula says "not great." Simon - "uncomfortable." Randy - "wrong song." Kara - her comments are pointless and she is right that he doesn't deserve to go home.
    7. Lil Rounds - I Surrender, Celine Deion - No one has ever heard this song. I feel like she's invading my home with screeching. Randy doesn't like the song that much, but says she sang it well. Kara - same comments. Paula - who cares. Simon - safe choice, wedding singer like.
    8. Adam Lambert - Play ThatFunkyMusic, Wild Cherry - Uh oh. Could be interesting. He's the only one who deserves to be there.
    9. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine, Al Green - I loved him tonight. Turned this old song into somethingI enjoyed and felt new. Unanimous love for Kris tonight.
    Tonight, the contestants were supposed to show us what kind of recording artists they would be, and you know what, they showed us they would be C-R-A-P-P-Y ones, with really 3 exceptions (Danny, Adam, Kris).

    So, tonight, the top are:
    1. Kris Allen
    2. Adam Lambert
    3. Danny Gokey
    The bottom:
    1. Megan Corkrey
    2. Matt G
    3. Anoop
    1. Lil
    2. Allison
    Who's going home? Should be Megan, but I predict it will be Matt G.


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