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    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Idol Final 11: The Results

    Well, you would not have been surprised last night if you routinely checked dialidol (Spoiler below you Tivo'ers!).

    They had the bottom feeders pretty much nailed, only overestimating Michael Sarver's support somewhat (they still had him as low as 10, which is where he was). Alexis Grace went from hero to zero (to use Simon's phrase) quicker than you can say "Adam Lambert is a flaming homosexual."

    Alexis never had strong support, but, probably didn't deserve to lose out on the Idol Tour. Sarver, Corkrey, McIntyre - all deserved to go before her. Since she really only could realistically expect to crack the top 7, you can understand why the judges wouldn't waste a "save" on her. Sorry Alexis, we liked you, but, America voted, and just as we got saddled with this joke of a President, we got rid of you. So sad.

    Anyway, life moves on. We found out that, surprise!, Adam's arrangement of Ring of Fire was not original (he could have at least given a shout out, like David Cook did last year when he stole arrangements), and that Allison's support is as weak as dialidol predicts. Although we're big Allison fans, she isn't going much farther.

    This really is a great group, with a clear top 3 (Gokey, Rounds, Lambert) and some strong contenders knocking on the door (Giraud, Allen, Desai - I'd like to put Iraheta in that group), and a couple of just ok singers (Sarver, McIntyre) and one train wreck (Corkrey).

    So, stay tuned for next Wednesday, since the big O is taking AI's spot on Tuesday (does this man do anything other than TALK??????).


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