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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Idol, 10 remain, who will leave?

    Ok, tonight, what will we learn on Idol, and who will leave?????
    1. Matt Giraud - Let's Get it On. Very good. Like him more each week. Sticking around
    2. Kris Allen - How Sweet it is. Also very good. Judges like him. I think the guitar thing is lame.
    3. Scott MacIntyre - You Can't Hurry Love. Judges don't like him. Like Simon, I thought the piano playing was off, and he's not growing on us. He's making us tired, as I know he is Simon.
    4. Megan Joy Corkrey - For Once in My Life. When they said "Stevie Wonder," I said - this has the potential to be a train wreck. Can vote for the worst save her? Gawd, I hope not!
    5. Anoop - Ooh Baby, Baby. He's da bomb. We knew Anoop was the judges first choice as wild card, and he's showing why.
    6. Michael Sarver - Ain't Too Proud to Beg. As I write this, I have caught up to the show, so, when he says he's going to sing it off the cuff, I have to think that this has the potential to be a male version of Megan. He's been on the edge the last couple weeks. Lame performance. Judges will hate him. Even Paula hated it. That's bad. Paula hates it. Simon couldn't wait for it to end. FYI - my AI partner said she didn't even want to watch it before it started. Megan may have been saved.
    7. Lil Rounds - Heatwave. She looks wierd, and her voice sounds like she's missing notes. What's with that Charleston costume? She's dressed for 1929, singing a 1950's song. She's quickly brushing the luster off her rose. Did anyone notice the Carly look? Odd. Randy - wrong song for her. Me - with all those Motown female songs to choose from, she chose this? Kara - "here's the thing." You're right, but, go away already. Paula - who cares what she thinks anyway. Simon - wrong song.
    8. Adam Lambert - The Tracks of My Tears. I don't know what to think. He's definitely the best creatively. AI Partner hates him, but, I have to admit, I kind of like him. Judges love him.
    9. Danny Gokey - Get Ready - Let's see if Smokey is right and people love it. I liked it, but I have already anointed Danny the winner. Simon speaks truth to power, but he's wrong. What he should have said was, "Danny, step it up, or Adam's going to beat you."
    10. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was a Rolling Stone - I think this is a good choice for her. Let's see...did she forget some words? I dunno. Judges will tell us, but it's not fair that she isn't getting more votes...Randy loves her, Kara loves her, Paula loves her, Simon...loves her, too.
    Tonight, the best are:
    1. Adam Lambert
    2. Allison Iraheta
    3. Matt Giraud
    4. Danny Gokey
    5. Kris Allen
    6. Anoop Desai
    Worst are:
    1. Michael Sarver
    2. Megan Joy Corkrey
    3. Scott MacIntyre
    4. Lil Rounds
    Predicted off:
    • Michael Sarver
    DialIdol as of 11:00 ET:
    • Buh-bye Michael Sarver

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