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    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Taxing Your Health Benefits

    During the 2008 Presidential campaign, John McCain proposed fixing one of the largest problems with our health care system, the employer tax break for providing health benefits, by eliminating that break.  In the McCain proposal, the revenue raised for the elimination of that would have paid for a up to $5000 tax credit to families to use for health care plans. This would have at least partially addressed the issues of employer-funding (IMO the largest problem with our system), portability, and access to health care.
    The Obama campaign roudly criticized McCain for wanting to do away with the tax break, while, disengenously, never mentioning the tax credit that replaced it.  But, hey, why should we expect any honesty at all during a campaign...
    Now, according to this NY Times article, the Obama Administration is contemplating, you guessed it, taxing those health benefits, to fund a portion of their massive health care plan.  Is there any corresponding tax credit for individuals and families. Of course not!
    So, the Obama admin is deciding to keep the part of the McCain plan they used against him, while not retaining the good part they didn't want you to know about then.
    You voted for this crap.


    Lyn said...

    Unreal. Every day I think it can't get worse, but it does. I hope this taxing employer provided healthcare does not happen. Obama's nuts. He is a pathological liar, manipulator, and compulsive spender. His proposed socialization of health care in America has got to be stopped.

    Anonymous said...

    ...But don't mentioned that this is being kicked around by Congress. All Obama said was that the wouldn't oppose the measure. See, the power is still in your hands. Contact your local senator or representative.

    Jay said...

    ALL Obama said. LOL.

    That's all he needs to do, is say something, since Congress sends the laws to him. And, sure, people can, and I expect they will, make their voices heard to their Congressmen.

    However, be advised that the Pelosi wing of the Democrat party is running the show in DC, and they want to stick it to everyone, especially the rich (except, for some reason, for rich tax cheating Democrats).

    So, good luck with those calls to Congress.