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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    American Idol FInal 12: Meet The Beatles

    • Syesha Mercado - Given that I am writing this as Ramiele is singing, and can't remember what Syesha sang, that's not a good sign. I remember her being solid, but nothing special.
    • Chikezie - She's a Woman - i liked it, and so do the judges. Simon is correct that Chikezie is completely different tonight than before. He's actually very good and original. He has to get past the last few weeks, where he's been borderline bad. I hope he stays.
    • Ramiele Malubay - In My Life - One of my fave Beatles songs. Seems like a pageant version. Paula warns that she should have done much more with this song. Simon says he was bored. That's what Randy thought, too.
    • Jason Castro - If I Fell - Decides to keep it pretty traditional on this song. I'm pretty underwhelmed. He has a nice way about him. Randy and Simon are bored. Paula thinks there's some connection... Read on below the fold...
    Read on below the fold...

    5. Carly Smithson - Come Together - I have to admit, I hate her. There seem to be entire spots of emptiness in this song, which in its original form was all manic activity. She HAS to wear some clothes so we don't have to see that stupid tattoo. Keep pimping her Paula and Randy. Simon says this was a great choice for her. I guess they want some competition for David Archuleta. I can't stand her.
    6. David Cook - Eleanor Rigby - This is a guy who has a uniquely rock voice, and can make a song sound modern by his voice. So, he does work something with this song. Is he better than Daughtry? I don't know. He's similar, yet different. Randy says "it was rockin." Paula thinks he's "fantastic." Simon says "brilliant."
    Observation tonight: Paula's drunk.
    7. Brooke White - Let it Be - My first thought is that Brooke could seriously suck tonight. This is a seriously dangerous choice, but maybe a good one for her voice. She has that kind of crying sound that suits this song. I like her in front of the piano. Randy's going to complain about pitch problems, just watch. The thing I do like about her, is her voice isn't perfect. Randy and Paula actually agree with me that she does connect with the songs. Simon really likes it.
    Another observation: Brooke and David Cook have unique voices, they don't have to do too much other than choose songs that suit them.
    8. David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There - I hope he sucks (oops, apparently he does). He's also singing a song about girls. That seems incongruous for him. He's not selling it to me, but, like Carly, I don't like him to begin with. Lame performance, IMHO. I predict no likey from the team. Randy says too overdone. Paula says (surprise) the same thing as Randy. Simon hated it. You go Simon!
    9. Amanda Overmyer - You Can't Do That - with a little more normal hair, Amanda is an attractive woman. Ok, first, VFTW is going to keep Amanda around. Let's see her rip a Beatles song to shreds. Part of my personal problem with Amanda is I can't understand her and she manages to make every song she sings sound the same. Randy loves this crap. Paula loves this crap, too (because Randy says so). Simon didn't like it as much as last week, and like me, he can't understand 70% of the song.
    10. Michael Johns - Across the Universe - Michael's another person in trouble. I just don't feel like I'm a part of the Michael Johns bandwagon. I'm thinking we need to take his green card. Randy is waiting for something to happen with this. He's not as bored as he was on others. Unbelievably, Paula will disagree with Randy. But, she's drunk and Michael's a handsome guy, so Paula has a soft spot for those things. Anyway, Simon is with Randy.
    11. Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days a Week - Did anyone tell you Kristy had to sell a horse to get to Idol? Hmmm? Did you know that? So, she's going to make this country? Let's see. But, as Simon likes to say, is she believable? Randy is ambivalent. He sort of likes it. Paula is going to parrot Randy. Simon says, "horrendous."
    12. David Archuleta - We Can Work it Out - How does David get the pimp spot again? David said in the open he was nervous, and his nerves just ate him up. He forgot the words twice. Randy didn't like it, Paula didn't like it, and Simon says it was a mess. He's got a huge 12-14 year old girl fan base (my 12 yo daughter is voting for him now).
    Wrap up:
    David A
    Jason C
    David C
    In Trouble:
    Michael Johns
    David Hernandez
    Syesha Mercado


    Anonymous said...

    Carly just doesn't do anything for me. Technically she's a good singer, but she doesn't connect with me. She's empty. I would never buy anything she recorded. Now, I would buy something recorded by Jason Castro, David A., or Brook. I love Jason's voice, and Brook's.

    Jay said...

    Agreed, she does not connect with the audience. After arguably her best performancer so far this season, she can only muster 4th place on dialidol.com.

    There's a reason this little girl only sold 400 albums, and it has nothing to do with all the excuses everyone makes for her.