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    Thursday, March 6, 2008

    The Final 12: Live Blogging (kind of) the Results

    49 minutes behind, so this isn't technically liveblogging, since we're on DVR.

    Blake Lewis is so horribly bad, we FF'd through it. After the commercial.

    So, Paula's video is numero uno on iTunes. Is it free? No iTunes on this PC, so I can't check now.

    To fill an hour, we look at the synopsis of Tuesday's guys, and yes, the guys were generally better, and I am thinking we could see 3 guys in the final or 4. I think only Carly or perhaps Brooke can break through.

    Predictions tonight were Chikezie and Luke. Dialidol thinks Stripper David is in trouble.

    Ryan treats us to some guys getting in. No surprises with David A, David C, Jason Castro. Now, Ryan is going to give us three girls. Will there be any surprises?

    But first, we have to endure the recap. They were generally awful. Recall, our predictions were Kady and Kristy. But, I also think Ramiele hurt herself badly last night. Dialidol did not like Syesha's chances. So, we will see.

    First, Brooke. She's in. Next Syesha, she's in. So, Kristy and Kady are in bigger trouble. Kady Malloy is up next, and she's OUT. No surprise there, not even from her. She's so uneven, we're skipping the performance.

    More commercials, now, David Hernandez, our favorite gay male stripper. He survives! Amazing, but, remember, I chose Chikezie. But, next is Michael Johns. Is this tonight's surprise? No, he's in! We're down to three. Luke is next up. We ALL know Luke is gone, and he is OUT! Again, no surprise. And, we're not going to belabor this by watching the song again.

    Now, more girls. Ramiele, she's safe. Carly is next. She's safe. Amanda is up next. She deserves to go, but, she's safe.

    This leaves Asia'h and Kristy. So far, I am 2 for 2. Simon thinks it will be Asia'h. Simon is RIGHT! So, I'm 2 for 3. Will it be a nearly lily white final 12? We'll know in a couple minutes...

    General Noriega's son, and Chikezie. I would like to see Danny go, but, I fear it will be Chikezie. It is DANNY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Sanjaya part deux is gone, gone, gone. Now, Danny, sing Small Town Boy, please!!!!!!! Crap, he sings tainted love. Well, I have the real video of Small Town Boy for you.

    I'm actually happy to be 2 for 4 tonight, because Danny is gone.

    Ok, so what do you all think? Did we get the best final 12 we could have? Is American Idol racist and homophobic? I think not, we have 1/6 of the final 12 black and 1/12 of it homo/bi sexual. So, by percentages, we have a fairly representative final 12. Quotas are alive and well on AI!

    For those sick of me blogging Idol, next week, there are only 2 episodes, and the elimination will be shorter with only one going off. I promise, more submarine stuff next week!

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