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    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    Auburn and UNC coed murders: Hate crimes?

    Two Georgia coeds were savagely murdered by animals with no regard for human life this week. But, today, there is some news which can give us solace that perhaps we will find their murderers and see them face the ultimate judgement (that means your death, if you're reading this, savage beasts).

    Auburn coed and Marietta native Lauren Burk was murdered at school in Alabama, and her alleged assailant was arrested today.

    UNC student body president and Athens native Eve Carson was also murdered this week, and the police have released a photograph of a "person of interest" (read: her killer) today as well.

    As a father of two teenagers, I am sickened by these murders and am considering buying a handgun and letting my two children learn how to use it properly, so that when they are on their own at one of these unsafe universities, they can choose whether they might want to be one of the protected ones, or a sacrificial lamb.

    Be that as it may, I wonder, will these gentlemen, when they are finally formally charged, face additional penalties for their hate crimes?

    Update: America's Most Wanted will feature these cases tonight.


    Anonymous said...

    What have you to say of the Arkansas coed murder. Is her white murderer a "savage beast" as well?

    Will you push for the death penalty just as fervently?

    Jay said...


    When I first saw your post, I missed your salient point, do I believe Katherine Wood's "white" muderer is a "savage beast."

    I figured you were playing some racial angle here, so, before I re-read the whole post, I did spend a little time looking for info on the Arkansas murder.

    For those that want more details, they can look here for some more info.

    Now, to answer your questions:

    Yes, and Yes.

    Anon, I wish we would seek the death penalty in many more of these cases. You see, I don't think we need a special category of crimes labeled as "hate" crimes. I think nearly all violent crimes are committed out of hate, so what's the point, to make someone feel better? Come on, the crime's been committed, let's mete out justice fairly and evenly, and be done with it.

    Jay said...


    BTW, should you return, forgive the misspellings I made. These two cases get special attention from me for 2 reasons:

    1. Both girls were local to me
    2. I really do wonder if the states involved (NC and AL) will have the cojones to add additional "hate" crime charges to these murders? I seriously doubt it, and I also don't think it's necessary. As I stated in my first reply, I think "hate" crimes are stupid. How we survived the first 215 or so years of this country without them, I don't know.

    Anonymous said...

    These are Gang related initiations, the assault, carjack, and murder,of White girls or women comes straight out of the Crips and Gangster Deciples handbook (if there was such a thing) After living in Memphis for 10 long years, where murder, rape, and carjacking dropped significantly after right to carry concealed firearms in Tennessee was passed, the cops were well aware of this gang initiation. Having had two friends shot by gangbangers(all under 18 years old), and one white girlfriend carjacked and raped at gun point, I saw this stuff first hand.
    Until this country recognizes the black gang crimes against whites (especially white girls and women), we probaly will have to take justice into our own hands.