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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    Navy to East Coast Whales: Hey you, sonar is no problem!

    The Navy says sonar is little harm to whales, and has the Environmental Impact Statement to prove it. Of course, little things like the facts don't really matter to our friends in the rabid environmentalist movement:

    "It goes through the motions of assessing what the impacts to
    marine animals would be," said Michael Jasny, Natural Resources
    Defense Council senior policy analyst. But its preferred alternative
    is to continue training without restrictions, he said.
    'This document has all the hallmarks of a political document,
    not a scientific decision made by environmental planners.'"

    If you don't care to read the EIS, just read the press reports.

    Or, trust me:

    "The Navy's environmental impact report said it's difficult to
    measure sonar's impact on marine mammal injuries
    and behavioral disruptions because of variations in sonar
    intensity and duration and because hundreds of unique
    marine species have different habitat conditions."

    And here is the rest of it.

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