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    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Idol, the Top 10

    Guest blogging tonight, Margaret, the other Idol fanatic:

    Ramiele - Alone by Heart
    It was badish but it was okay. Randy said that it was the wrong song choice but i thought it was goodish. Paula was claiming she was "sick". Yeah right. Simon said squeaky which it kinda was.

    Jason Castro - Fragile by Sting
    I don't like it. Randy said it was good choice of song. Paula said it was his niche. Simon said he has had two bad weeks, and that he sounded like someone at a subway station......he would do a peace sign...weirdo.

    Syesha - I'm Every Woman
    I like her. It was boring. Randy said it was the best he ever heard her sing. It was steller! Paula said it was the moment everyone remembered. It was pitch perfect, and brilliant. Simon said it was the best so far. And the ending wasn't as good as Randy thought i was.

    Chickezie - Only for One Night
    He's one of my favorites. He's different, i guess. The end was kinda weird. Randy said it sey. emed old, and he compared it was Syesha. Paula liked it. Simon said he sang it well, but the performance was cheesy.

    Brooke White - Every Breath You Take by Police
    Oopsie, she messed up! I like it - ish. It was okay. Randy said interesting song choice, and should have not had the band. Paula said she enjoyed the performance. Simon agreed with Randy.

    Michael Johns - We Will Rock You and We are the Champions by Queen
    I dont like it, it sounds more like screaming. Better though. Randy said finally it was good. Paula said it was the perfect song for him. Simon said it was the first time he saw "star potential." It was the only memorable performance.

    Carly Smithson - Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Weird facial expressions. But so far, so good. Its like screaming towards the middle. Randy said it was just okay. Paula liked it. Simon said she was tense, and he didnt enjoy it.

    David Archuleta - i dont know what the songs called.
    I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so cute (: Randy said it was a strange song choice, but it was very nice. Paula loved it. Simon said he didn't like it.

    Kristy Lee Cook - God Bless the USA
    I think she needed something easy to sing. It was her best. Randy said good song choice, and it was very nice. Paula said it was a good choice and she has seen better performances from her. Simon said it was her best performance so far. And the best song choice.

    David Cook - Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
    He's one of my favorites. Randy said hes the most original ever. Paula said he was smart, brave, and willing. He was brilliant. Simon said he was brave, and it was amazing.

    And here is the rest of it.

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