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    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    American Idol: Final 8 Girls

    The girls on American Idol tonight. DVR blogging it.

    Asia'h and Syesha are the bookends tonight, so, the AI producers have decided they want those two to make it, but, of course, Luke was first last night, and he sucked, so let's see what happens tonight.

    1. Asia'h - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Randy is going to say she has pitch problems. I thought it was kind of frantic. Well, he didn't say it, he thought it was "hot." I can see her recording music, but, she's driving me nuts. Paula thinks it was "nailed." Simon is going to be more like me. They all think she's top 12 material. So do I.
    2. Kady - Some Queen song - Saddled with the second spot. Going to be tough for her. I didn't realize that Kady had Jessica Simpson's, ahhhh, assets. Think she intentionally had the camera pan so we could tell that? She gets her best reviews of the series so far. Simon likes it better than last week, and she's robotic. I agree. I think she's still in serious trouble, she needs some help from the other contestants. Simon is right, personality is a problem for her.
    3. Amanda Overmyer is next - Joan Jett's Hate Myself for Lovin' You - Votefortheworst.com will have to save her again. This is another rotten performance for Amanda. She had promise, but she has had something go wrong. Her voice is all over the place. These guys like this? I am sorry, it's awful. Let's see what Simon says. She does look much better. Simon says fantastic. But, we have seen the judges do this before when they want to try to con vftw into not supporting a contestant.
    4. Carly - another song I don't know - and Carly has Michael Johns's same inability to connect with an audience. There's no doubt that she can sing. So, she's a good singer, but, she's missing something. There's a reason why she only sold 389 albums back in 2001. I think Paula's mostly sober tonight, by the way. Simon doesn't like the song. Lose the tattoos Carly. She's in.
    5. Kristy Lee Cook - Faithfully - going to sing Randy's songs - did I mention Randy played bass for Journey? My daughter hates that every time I tell her Randy was in Journey. This is another girl who's on the bubble. I don't hate the rendition, but, something in her voice makes me feel it's not good. Now to the judges...Randy liked it...Paula thinks she could make a country hit out of it...Simon says...he likes the country influence, he thinks she's forgettable. I think she's in trouble.
    6. Ramiele - Against All Odds - She is just singing this so she can hit some of those higher notes. I found it solid, but imminently forgettable. Randy - likes the songs with the big vocals, but thinks she's underconfident. Paula really likes texture and dogs, apparently. Simon thinks it was good, but old fashioned. Simon wanted the money shot. I think she's safe.
    7. Brooke - Love is a Battlefield - She is actually the only one (besides Amanda) who brings anything original tonight, so, for that reason alone, I like it. Also, I like the crispness in her voice. Randy liked it, but he said it didn't bring anything new. Simon is with me. She should make it, and I hope she does.
    8. Syesha - Saving all my Love - I just find these songs boring. I find this performance boring. She looks great, though. The judges say...good, predictable. We're obviously rushed for time. She's in.
    Ok, so the verdict tonight is: Kady is out and Kristy is out.

    Nothing else.

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