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    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    American Idol: Final 8 Guys

    Tonight on American Idol, David Hernandez and Danny Noriega cover Bronski Beat (Small Town Boy for Noriega, I Feel Love for gay stripper David H).

    I was just kidding, but, they should have. Instead, Generalissimo Noriega butchers Tainted Love and David Hernandez wins kudos for whatever he sang. I honestly can't remember what it was, but, I remember Simon telling him how he was going to sail through. Seriously, though, don't you think he might have had some more embarrassing moments at that gay strip club he worked at? I mean, really.

    As for the Butcher of Panama's son, vote for the worst is going to make sure he is a final 6 candidate (he's 3rd on dialidol.com right now), so, even though he deserves to go after this, he won't. Sorry.

    David Archuleta shows us he can tap the keys and sings another (yes, I agree with Simon, as usual) depressing song. When Ryan said Phil Collins, I thought he might sing "In the Air Tonight." Anyway, he's pretty much flawless, and is a shoe-in for the final 12, if not the final 2.

    My new second favorite amongst the guys is David Cook. I'm starting to warm to him, and I think what he did with "Hello" was awesome. He could be a record producer. It could be a hit. Look for him to go far, even though he looks weird and has those odd facial expressions. Hey, he's a rocker.

    As for the rest of them, Luke Menard started out with Jitterbug, or Wake me up before you go, go, whichever title you prefer. I like Luke, think he has a good voice, but, he's got a serious case of white man's disease, and his performances stink. And, come on, one of the two above should be covering Wham!. Luke, are you trying to tell us something??? Anyway, he's my vote for first off Thursday.

    Michael Johns sucks up the place with something I can't remember (I remember it being bad), yet, the Carly-like pimping continues from the judges. Here's the deal Randy, Paula, and Simon - I like him, he's got appeal to women, and he might be able to sing, but, come on, this is two rotten performances in a row. He's not as safe as you think.

    Chikezie does some song I have never heard before, and while I think he has a great voice and sound, Simon really, really hates guys who cover Whitney (or any girl, for that matter). Chikezie, say buh-bye. He's my number 2 off.

    Jason Castro is another guy I am warming too. I liked him tonight, but, I still think he's stoned all the time. Just listen to him. And, tonight, Ryan actually interviewed him.

    So, Chikezie and Luke will be gone, although I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Johns took a dive.

    Of these guys, David A and David C are the odds on faves to go to the final four. Of course, David A is going to be the winner, so, the rest are playing for second.

    Tomorrow, the girls. Will Kady surprise us and give America a good reason to keep her other than her hotness? Will Carly suck and give the judges the challenging task of making her seem the greatest thing since....David Archuleta? We shall see!

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