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    Saturday, March 1, 2008

    USS Ohio Pictures

    Via the subreport, we have a slideshow of the Ohio. I recommend the pictures, but, you all may find the captions on them funny, as did I. For example:

    • ABC compares the Ohio to an underwater version of an aircraft carrier.
      • Without the aircraft.
    • They say she's a new class of submarines built from 1970's vessels.
      • I guess they technically are a new class, and the Ohio was launched in mid-1979 and they were designed in the '70s, but, I always thought of them as '80s vessels.
    • Crew members monitor displays in the "navigation room."
      • Looks surprisingly like the control room, and the specific area in question the helm. Anyway, I guess you sort of "navigate" from here. Do Ohio's have a NavCenter??
    • Finally, in a product from a major news organization, they managed to use the word "rejiggered." And here is the rest of it.

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